Merry Meet! Pilot Entry

Originally posted to the blog titled Pagan in Portland.

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Hello everyone,

Allow me in introduce myself. I haven’t been shown a magickal name yet, so I’ll introduce myself as Pluto, a name I’ve used to tag myself in creative projects since 1997. I am a 26-year old gay male, originally from Detroit, Michigan, now living in Portland, Oregon since 2006.

I was a self-inflicted evangelical Christian for 14 years. Although, I was still the black sheep in the flock, asking questions, dying my hair blue, red, green or black, wearing big pants and fish-nets on my arms; challenging the conventional look of most Christians, which made people uncomfortable. I came out in 1999, while a Sophomore in High School and was immediately released from so much depression, negativity and self-hatred instilled in me by the Church.  I still identified as Christian until 2002.

While I was a Christian, I still saw signs of interest in something different. I had a love affair with the Moon, studied astrology, had a mild interested in the occult and honoured the beauty of nature and the Divine Feminine. In 2001, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona after graduating High School and began a love affair with the desert and one last brush with Christianity. Following the hail-storms of Christians Vs. Gays in media coverage, I couldn’t be apart of a group of people that shopped at Wal-Mart, voted for Bush, disregarded global warming as ‘end times’, sometimes violently prosecuted others for being different and drove SUVs.

I dropped it all within a year. In 2003, I moved back to Detroit from missing my family and friends. I got a job at Barnes & Noble, in the Cafe and my boss, Julianne was a Pagan. I desired her way of life, but didn’t understand what was different. I idolized her and loved her so much without understanding why. After visiting her home and observing her, I discovered it had to be an earth religion. One day, she moved to Pittsburgh for another job at which time she came out of the broom closet, but I had already known.

Even after a short visit to her new home in 2005, she gave me a small pocket book about Neo-Paganism after I had been studying Judiaism out of curiosity. My short-lived brush with her lifestyle was refreshing and intriguing, introducing myself to grounding and chakra meditations and Tarot. I read the Neo-Paganism book with interest, but shortly set my sights for Oregon. I put Neo-Paganism on hold to study Buddhism after my former partner Silas had been studying.

We moved to Portland in July of 2006 and I began working on a career that consumed me. It consumed me in so many aspects of my life that I eventually dissolved my 8-year relationship with Silas and I quit my job to rediscover myself. Reenter the Pagan.

My partner and I separated in August of 2009. After doing some soul-searching, the Goddess was just calling to me. I picked up the 2 books I had on the subject and reread them both. After the passing of Mabon, I saw Miss Renee, a Tarot and Astrology reader, who gave me wonderful insight into my life’s direction and my spirituality. I began a more intensive study and celebrated Samhain as Dias de la Muertos.

Determined to intensify my study and get my life back, I quit my job in November and began listening to Pagan Podcasts, particularly A Pagan in the Threshold by MeadowMoon and A Witch’s Primer by Ariel of the DCW. I booked a trip to Pittsburgh to see my Pagan influence, Julianne, Detroit to see my family and friends and Phoenix, the desert I once cherished. After spending time with family, friends and myself, I was ready to commit to living a life filled with purpose, truth and love.

I continue to receive insight and wisdom everyday.

A Pagan in Portland invites you to join me on my new path and discover what it means to be a pagan in Portland!