Imbolc: Exploration Continues

Originally posted to the blog titled Pagan in Portland.

My second sabbat on my open and public pagan path! I did some research from a google search. I found traditional celebration tools for the holiday;

 Basil, bay, benzoin, cinnamon, myrrh, vanilla, violet

Angelica, basil, bay, benzoin, heather, myrrh, rowan, dill.

 White, silver, pale yellowSymbols of the season:

Candles, brides, grain dollies, burrowing animals, ewes, Brighid’s cross, priapic wands, brooms

Traditional foods:
 Cheese, recipes using sour cream or marscapone, yogurt, curries,  fish, white meat, dishes containing onions, peppers and/or garlic, spiced wine, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, muffins, scones, rice pudding, poppy seeds, poultry, foods or breads containing raisins, herbal tea

Saturday, I embarked out to New Renaissance Book Store in NW Portland. I purchased cinnamon and vanilla incense, more candles and myrrh to burn in an oil. Then on to Trader Joe’s in NW and Whole Foods in the Pearl. Here, I purchased ingredients for special meal preparations as well as white flowers for my alter.

Sunday, I spent a large part of the day cooking rice pudding using raisins and cinnamon, french onion soup with basil, thyme, garlic and bay and I made mini pearl onions sauteed with whole garlic, white wine, dill, basil and thyme. Because I am vegan, I made all dishes without animal products. Very fun. I tested the meal on a potluck I attended Sunday night, but had some left over for my sabbat.

On Monday night, I ate my prepared meal with white wine and while listening to Ariel’s ‘Bridgit’, a craft music podcast song he made and I listened over and over. Then I made crafts! I planted three pots each with a white flowering seedling. I choose three areas of my life I wanted to grow; spirituality, friendship and career and imagined those items coming into fruition as I planted, then I said a prayer before moving on to the next item. I also painted a white Imbolc symbol on two of the planters.

I took a burlap sack, three ears of corn and white paint and painted the Imbolc symbol on the sack, then I glued the corn on the sack to symbolize the child, mother and crone. I put this on my door, outside.

I put out a cloth on the fire escape to catch healing powers of Bridget. I lit every candle in the house and I did a meditation. Because I am recording this a few days later, it might be hazy. I went to the “solstice” garden I was familiar with in a previous meditation. Only the holly brick at the head of the gate was not holly anymore, but something to symbolize Imbolc. I walked the left path up the hill and met Bridget! She was wearing a white robe with a white crown of flowers. Red firey hair and fair skin. (I was also wearing white.) She walked me into the Celtic land and down the path. We examined the metal object, a reoccurring object, but I was still unable to see what it was. When we reached the second Celtic cross, we took off together, flying high to the circular grove of trees.

There I talked and asked questions but didn’t hear answers. I remember her telling me to meditate more and resume my fire exercises again…the physical items I was doing to help my elemental body. Somehow I was back in the garden, outside the gate and I went to the right outside the wall and came to a open meadow with tall grass with Bridget as a younger version. We both seemed to be 18 years old. We laughed and played in the grass, rolling around at one point.

In a different way, I saw the woman I see often, Alexandria(?). I asked her name and she told me “Alexandria” and I asked if she was my mentor and I didn’t hear an answer. She was sitting beneath me and was submissive of sorts, she wasn’t in front of me, but beside me. She is always in a white dress and robe with black hair flowing hair. Kinda looked like Brigit too.

After my meditation, I went into the bath with fresh whole basil, and a chamomile and peppermint tea bag and myrrh oil. While in the tub, I felt so inspired, that I wrote a poem about Bridgit based off my meditation and here it goes:



crone of wise daughter of joy woman of strength must you be so coy?

you take me through the celtic grass and fly above until we pass into a circular grove of trees I sit in front of the Goddess on my knees

emotions high, the thanks I give she smiles and speaks, and the wisdom I shall live


in the sun, we laugh in the meadow three seeds I lay, I breathe, I sow

my intentions are clear and i manifest just before she can rest birth is given to a beautiful son of lamb I am ready and willing Bridgit here I am.

That night, I slept with the ‘STAR’ Tarot card under my pillow.

A Pagan in Portland wishes everyone a happy and safe Imbolic