Inspiration from Asia

Originally posted to the blog titled Pagan in Portland.

Where to begin?! I haven’t blogged in almost two months and things move so rapidly, I need to get better at this!

Since last autumn, 2009, I have been receiving messages about going to Asia for a spiritual purpose. Some sort of purpose. My first message came via Renee Dunn, a beautiful and wonderfully gifted local tarot reader and astrologer who mentioned higher learning and traveling in Asia sometime in 2010.

A few more small flashes occurred whether spending time with my friend Akiko talking Japanese in Washington Park or through other small daily affirmations left me looking for jobs via in January. After instead accepting a position in Portland, my mother was the one who offered me the advise of saving money while I worked out a plan.

Another flash came as I met a girl on the bus, a nihonjin (Japanese person) and she was with a Portland homestay company called ANDEO with homestays and schools in Fukouka, the same city I want to live in, where my friend Akiko is!

Penny after penny later…(pennies are most simple, long-running and abundant affirmation), more Japan flashes came about that I can’t ignore any longer.

Tonight, I met with a friend of mine I’ve known for two years. He and his partner just returned from their Thailand honeymoon. He was filled with such spiritual inspiration and wonderment that it can’t be expressed with words. We connected on such a deep and profound level tonight unlike ever before. We were comfortable sharing spiritual stories with each other that few people heard, he shared his altar space with me, his astrology information and his divination set. And he introduced me to the thought of Thailand…isn’t that the Asian country Miss Renee first mentioned to me?!….I think it is.

He also introduced me to the idea of shamanism, giving me a message pertaining to the practice and teaching of this ancient….art? I don’t really know much about shamanism and won’t pretend to know!


A Pagan in Portland has a lot to consider. Where does clarity come from when you have a multitude of options, like the non-marshmallow pieces of Lucky Charms cereal? Stay tuned…