It's Not Always About You!

Originally posted to the blog titled Pagan in Portland.

Because I am on this path where I feel like the God/Goddess/Universe has a daily lesson plan, I question the reason behind events that may appear contradictory to my goals.

Case in point; my good friend Pam, whom I have known for thirteen years from high school in the Detroit area, has moved across the country to Portland and is living with me in my studio condo.

So why is this a kink in my master plan? Because I am planning to go to Japan, my first thought was ‘oh, I guess now isn’t the best time to go’ or ‘maybe the God/Goddess/Universe actually has other plans for me.’ I mean, she’ll be here until my condo sells, as it sits on the market now and traveling to Japan is pending on the sale.

My Aries sun clouded my understanding of the situation and maybe it was my Virgo logical and analytical rising that broke through the smoke and said “Hey! Sometimes it’s not always about you!” Boy, did I need that alarm call. Maybe this time for Pam in Portland, staying with me without rent and trying to make it on her own is clearly about Pam!

This situation is not without temptation. Having someone in Portland whom I have known for so long is refreshing! Talk of moving into an apartment together and the fun we’ll have has me thinking the opposite of my goal. Wanting to give a hand to my friend and keep her company in a strange land, rather than discover my own strange land.

Perhaps the temptation is meant to test my ambition, validity and the magnitude of this objective.

A Pagan in Portland is expanding his vision to the Universal changes to improve others lives!