"New Chapter" in Japan, Isn't About Japan At All

Originally posted to the blog titled Pagan in Portland.

That Divine telegram was sent, via my friend Miss Renee, an astrologer and tarot reader whom I met for the first time during a sunny September day in 2009. Her message was about long-distance travel to Japan next year.

My heart skipped a beat! My thirteen year dream of going to Japan was an option? I studied the language both formally and informally for years! I would daydream about home-stay experiences in high school.

After her initial message, Japan started to manifest in other ways. When I would spend time with my friend Akiko, an exchange student, or celebrate the Japnese holiday Shichi-Go-San with Mia, the little girl I babysat. In January, I began looking for jobs in Japan online. At this time I was unemployed and the same week, a call came through for a job I didn’t even apply for, a management position that included a nice salary to actualize my dream.

Messages continued to come my way through people; Japanese strangers, friends, networking acquaintances all presenting different options. The day before my birthday, which included a personal, intension and powerful ritual meditation, I ran into an acquaintance from the Japanese Consulate on my bus home, who reminded me of programs with Portland State University.

I applied that week, the same as the Aries New Moon and was granted a meeting on the following Full Moon (see how that works?), and with little to no effort and I was accepted into a summer program to study at Hokkaido University!

The messages about Japan I had been receiving were that this was the catalyst for a new chapter in my life. With this information, I planned to stay in Japan for as long as I could. What would be this new chapter? Working in Japan? Something international? Teaching? I packed my condo up, cancelled my life in the States and bought a ticket for Japan for as long as the country would allow me stay.

I arrived in Japan and was overwhelmed by the isolation, the schoolwork, the complexity of everyday living and the language! I felt as if I had jumped into the Japanese deep end of the pool and was drowning. While in this state, I began to rethink my goal or chapter in Japan. Maybe the new chapter wasn’t about Japan at all.

Remedying myself with English music, coffee, I Love Lucy episodes, skype, video making and listening to spiritual and pagan podcasts of my favourite podkins (Ariel + Feithline Stewart), I began to feel better. Actually, better than better! In the isolation I found solace. Divine solace! Inspiration began to flow and continued for six days!

Then something came to me in a flash, on the Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that took place on June 26th, I saw it! My life’s path. It simply materialized as an idea not considered: Natural Medicine!

Coming to Japan was not only a beautiful Divine gift, my dream come true, but this trip has helped me to realize a path that combines my lifestyle, belief-systems and passions.

A Pagan in Portland says work toward your goals, even if you don’t know what they are.