A Star Walks Among Us

Notable pagan blogger and Huffington Post Religion writer reveals himself to be "semi-famous recording artist". According to Teo Bishop's blog Bishop in the Grove, Matt Morris took anonymity to create a safe place to write about pagan, Druidic and spiritual thoughts online. Matt Morris has an impressive resume of Mickey Mouse Club alum (and yes, with rising teen stars and boy band members such as Justin Timberlake, JC Chavez, Christina Aguilera and Brittney Spears), and song writer having written Kelly Clarkson's breakout hit "Miss Independent", "Another Song (All Over Again)" on Justin Timberlake's critically acclaimed Timbaland produced album FutureSex/LoveSounds, another song for Reba and one for Mary J. Blige and a handful for Christina Aguilera, one being my favourite radio single from the singer, "Can't Hold Us Down". Morris also has a discography of three albums to his credit as well.

Impressive! A star walks among us.

So with the star-studded list of accomplishments, why the anonymity? "At some point, we must all come out. We must all be honest about how we’ve compartmentalized to excess, how we’ve created new masks — either out of fear or in an attempt to approximate privacy in a increasingly non-private society." A coming out of sorts Teo Bishop writes on his blog, Bishop in the Grove.

Earlier this year, yours truly consolidated all my online projects, changed my name from Sonoran Green to Jaysen Paulson and became more transparent about myself as a person instead of hiding behind a Facebook moniker and podcast anonymity. I felt that my accomplishments needed to be recognized as my true self. There was a great divide between JayP and Sonoran. My friends and family didn't know too much about Sonoran and listeners didn't know JayP. I felt similarly to what Teo Bishop wrote about his coming out: "I’m choosing transparency at this time because I believe doing so may be the only way I can move forward in both my music and my writing."

After his announcement Teo Bishop went on Devin Hunter's podcast titled Modern Witch to talk more in depth about his decision. (Unfortunately, I don't think it's released yet, but there is an entry about it on Devin Hunter's blog Modern Witch Online.)

I wish Teo Bishop much love and much discovery on his journey.


Semi-famous Pagan Blogger / Semi-famous Recording Artist.