Jupiter in Cancer: Sensitive Santa Claus

I'm pretty sure Jupiter is Santa Claus.

The archetype of Santa Claus anyhow, a big fat, jolly and jovial planet of a guy. I sometimes picture Jupiter like those PBS documentary reenactment scenes, you know, the one's with the King's in the Dark Ages, sitting at tables with piles of grapes, freshly baked breads, a centerpiece of roasted pig with an apple in it's mouth and a toasting and cheering King with a chalice of wine in tow. This is Jupiter. And Jupiter has been in Gemini since June 2012. 

In Gemini, Jupiter has been a little uncomfortable. Gemini is the sign opposite Jupiter's home of Sagittarius, so it's a little homesick. Gemini is a jumpy sign, obsessed with ideas and it does so in a rapid sampling manner; this book, that TV show, this person, that email, this movie, that school, this activity, that party, this record, that website. (You get the idea, I'm sure.) This big expansive, clumsy planet has had to keep up in this fast sign for year, constantly moving it's large body to be quirky and quick. He's been nervous, scattered and stretched too thin. Jupiter prefers deep connection, truth-discovery and the big picture. This is why I am happy to have Jupiter move into a different sign.


On June 25, 2013, Jupiter will begin it's 1-year tour of Cancer. Oooooh Cancer, thank God. In Cancer, Jupiter is observed to be exhaulted, meaning it's in high-esteem in Cancer. It's like Jupiter is staying at the W Hotel in Palm Springs, and this will feel like a dip in a pool!

My focus as an astrologer is in health, wellness, herbalism, medical astrology as well as remediation. So I intend to direct my focus here. Jupiter is in a water sign, an absorbent water sign. Building and expanding on the yin principles are important for Jupiter right now. Cultivate time to relax, to go swimming and to spend time alone. Jupiter would love reading books of philosophy pool-side with a coconut water. Because Cancer is an absorbent water sign, be aware of quick nutrient assimilation; vitamins and minerals but also toxins, alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs and food additives. Jupiter tends to over-do things, it's the planet of "YES" and Cancer represents the past, emotion, food, family and family history, past patterns and past wounds. You may see more excessive appetites, stomach gas or bloating and water retention concerns. Emotional eating or issues with boundaries, residual or unresolved problems returning and sensitivities around the body, weight, food and family. The key is have a light-hearted touch with Jupiter in Cancer. Think Santa!

Herbal Support for Jupiter in Cancer:

With the high-assimilation of nutrients and chemicals, it's important to detoxify our liver, liver tonics are a class of herbs that do just that: Burdock, Dandelion, Chicory Root, Milk Thistle, Oregon Grape Root.



Digestion may be an issue with this sensitive, emotional and food-oriented sign. A digestive bitter or tonic may be of use: Gentian (drop dose 15 minutes before eating), Peppermint, Thyme, Ginger, Cinnamon and Wormwood (for heartburn, not to be used for long-periods of time) Matthew Wood, one of my herbal medicine teachers, suggests Angelica for gas and bloating.  

Because there is so much water, let's look at how to mop this up. Expectorant herbs are like a hand dryer; pushing and evaporating droplets. These herbs are Balsam Root, Balsam Poplar/Cottonwood, Devil's Club, Red Cedar. Another class of herbs are the astringents, acting as a wet-vac to Jupiter in Cancer; Plantain, Horsetail, Agrimony, Shepard's Purse.

My herbal medicine teacher Matthew Wood also suggests blood cleansers, clean filtered water and even Iris or Blue Flag to aid in blood cleansing.

Flower Essence Remedies:

My co-teacher and friend Jen Gouvea at EngagedHeart.com provided me with some flower essences that would be good for this transit and the the key themes it will highlight. Healing old emotional scars and wounds from the past, most definitely related to family would be Golden Ear Drop. This essence is heavy and probably would be better navigated with a counselor or Flower Essence practitioner. A lighter selection for release of painful childhood memories are Buttercup and Zinnia, which can help put you in touch with your inner child. Thanks Jen!

Remedials for Jupiter in Cancer: 

Now, Jupiter in Cancer isn't bad or good, it depends on the person and what it's aspecting. Jupiter really can be too much of a good thing, however, as a remedialist, I've developed a list of actions you can take to help facilitate the symptoms of Jupiter in Cancer. Ready?

  • Going swimming (add some children, extra points!) 
  • Praying (rosary not-included) 
  • Cultivating a deeper relationship with the creative principles of life (hoe not-included)
  • Learning ones family history (log-on to Ancestory.com, it's fascinating!)
  • Nourishing activities (tea, blankets, books, cats, cookies,  cabin-weekends)
  • Intuitive arts, enroll in that Psychic Kindergarten you've been eying.
  • Creating art: family trees, family portraits, food-art, watercolour.
  • Teach: literally...to people you know or not. Sign up to teach something for free to feel more comfortable. Jupiter in Cancer wants to be comfortable. 

Journal Questions:

  • What do I value about the feminine?  How does the feminine principle present itself in my life (even if you are a dude, you contain duality)
  • What do I value about motherhood or birth? This can relate to the creative principles as well.
  • What do I value about the yin-principle in my life? How important is it to me? Do I need to cultivate more yin-activities in my life? 
  • What do I believe about children? About family? About home? What are my beliefs and values about these three things? 

Jupiter in Cancer Through the Houses:

    Check by the House, or if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendent), use that!

    1st House/Cancer Rising: Self-confidence or weight-gain, you decide.

    2nd House/Gemini Rising: You've passed GO, collected $200 and are adding hotels to Park Place. You betta work!

    3rd House/Taurus Rising: Buying every Apple product? Why that's integration of Jupiter in the 3rd! 

    4th House/Aries Rising: Extra family members? Oy vey!

    5th House/Pisces Rising: I'm seeing macaroni wall-art in your future.  

    6th House/Aquarius Rising: I'm seeing a trip to the mall to purchase an "I heart Kale" tee-shirt and a Vita-Mix.

    7th House/Capricorn Rising: yes, this could bring a boyfriend or girlfriend but may also benefit your relationships to ALL humans, ya selfish jerk!

    8th House/Sagittarius Rising: I once did a Jupiter money spell while he was in my 8th House and I received a 401K from 10-years earlier I had no idea existed! This is an excellent transit for "others people's money" or money you didn't earn but have coming to you. Someone has landed on your Park Place with a couple of hotels! Cha-ching!

    9th House/Scorpio Rising: Great transit for traveling abroad. Jupiter is lucky too, Syria anyone?

    10th House/Libra Rising: Now that you've winked your way to a promotion, know when to say "no", or else you will over-commit, trust me!  "10 jobs?! I have 14 jobs mon!"

    11th House/Virgo Rising:  Luck would shine on you joining that complex web of a social justice anarchist brotherhood, or you could just volunteer.

    12th House/Leo Rising: I'm pretty sure Jupiter is working behind the scenes here, to keep you from going to jail...or a mental hospital.

    For a more in depth analysis, consult your local astrologer to have them see what aspects Jupiter is making to other planets in your chart to get a fuller understanding of how these energies and when these energies will play out. 

    To a merry year ahead! Jupiter in Cancer June 2013 - July 2014. 


    Matthew Wood, Angelica Photo by Pairodox Farm, Jen Gouvea at Engaged Heart

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