Astrology of 2016

Andrea L. Gehrz & Jaysen Paulson: Astrology of 2016-the Cosmic Weathers

Are you wondering what the weathers will be like this year? Do you like to go with the flow? If so, join us for a wonderful evening of predictive astrology!

In tonight's forum, Jaysen Paulson and Andrea L. Gehrz will be covering the upcoming planetary events of 2016. The night is geared towards astrologers and newbies alike. Together we will prepare for the astral weathers, welcoming and preparing for the new vibes as they come in. Specific transits this year will be given for specific birthdays to include all levels of astrology-knowledge. Come and see if you, your friend or family member will be riding the cosmic weathers in 2016!

Digital Download Running Time: 112 minutes.