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Pagan in Portland is Becoming a Show!

Originally posted to the blog titled Pagan in Portland.

I have decided to turn this blog into a podcast that includes regular episodes consisting of a main topic and several support segments to keep the show rotating with fresh new material. Segments include;

-Astrological Aspirations:  regular look at the sky, discussing monthly forecast, archetypes and other related topics.

-Musical Talent: showcasing local, Pacific Northwest talent, preferably pagan, spiritual or personal development themed.

-Tarot Trolley: Tarot card pull which will help a fluffy bunny become acquainted with the art.

-The Green Man: Environmental tips to keep green and increase our awareness of our actions, as children of the earth.

-Kitchen Witch of the West: plant medicine, herbal highlights and recipes for pagans.

-Keep Portland Weird: fun, weird things about Portland and it’s surrounding areas. Includes ghost and paranormal stories.

-Portlandia Postage: Answering or reading people’s emails and questions.

-Columbia Corkboard: Promos and commercials, bulletins: highlighting other pagan podcasts or local services and local events.

-Mythological Masters: Understanding symbolism and Deity to expand vocabulary for meditation.

I hope you all will join me! :) The show can be downloaded directly from itunes by typing in ‘pagan in portland’ or by going to the site that it is hosted at, which is……COMING SOON!

Saturn Disembarks the Virgo Train

Originally posted to the blog titled Pagan in Portland.

As Saturn disembarks the Virgo train on July 21st and walks into the golden Libra meadow, I can’t help but reflect on the changes and progress that Saturn has made in my life and in my personal transit.


So what is Saturn characteristic of?

Bringing you back to reality, constriction or stripping away what’s not needed and revealing what’s so. Some people hate this grumpy Grandpa of a planetary influence, but some people realize the value in this force and can learn to appreciate it over time. I was both of these people!

With Saturn in Virgo

It’s about health, service to others and of course work, work, work. I also have a Virgo rising and this transit took place in my first house, the house of self, and the way the world perceives you.

During this period, my health and consciences had shifted enormously. Virgo also rules the delicate digestive system and in this timeframe, I began objectively and honestly listening to my body. I became a vegan, I reduced soy and processed foods, and I detoxified, almost eliminating wheat gluten. I also activated my obsessed passion with nutritional information.

Service to others? I recently read The Better World Handbook (Jones-Ellis) and it ignited developing values, one of those being volunteerism. I realized the value of volunteering and began giving back to my community; I had brief relationships with Forest Park No Ivy League, Oregon Food Bank, Cascade AIDS project and Turtle Ridge Wildlife Refuge. The storm drain of my volunteer efforts collected at Q-Center, where I wore many hats to support the gay community at large, even leading to a coffee cart project that I built, cleverly named Macchiato Moon.

And work you say Virgo? Ha! Two weeks from Saturn shifting into Virgo (September 2007), I became a Starbucks Store Manager. I was a hard worker! I worked a lot, entirely too much. During this transit, my values and how the world sees me (1st house) had begun a transformation. Alas, seeking a work/life balance, Saturn briefly moved into Libra (balance) in November 2009, at which point I quit Starbucks with an impulsive resignation (Aries Full Moon actually)!

When Saturn moved back into Virgo retrograde, it began a heavy working period once more as I started a new job as a restaurant manager in the RiverPlace Marina district. Hard work ensued as I tried desperately to prepare for Japan; including preparing for school, international travel, packing my condo and working at the same time. While in Japan, 12 credits in 4 weeks is a lot of work! Now as Saturn exits Virgo for good, my life is balanced…maybe! J

So what did the Saturn in Virgo transit mean for my first house Virgo ascendant?

After it entered my first house in September 2007, many friends and associates, including myself, thought that I was experiencing an early Saturn return, as I was only 25-27 years old. But this relentless planet has currently been transiting my first house, the house of self.

Looking back to the start of this transit, most notably in 2008; I noticed revisions in my heart. It seemed to me that my beautiful partner of 8 years suddenly was less important to me as I focused on myself and my own development and growth. To me, it became less about the collective and more about the individual. A temporary remedy was to initiate a three-person relationship, which lasted six months before my partner and I decided that our relationship had reached a successful point and it was time to move on.  Strip 1.

Strip 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6? With the removal of my partner went our condo, our cats and our life together. I also disposed of people in my life that didn’t serve my development as a human being, spending my energy with people that don’t contribute to growth is a waste of my resources.

Strip 7? Starbucks. Saturn moving into Libra in November brought my impulsive move to remove the company that had at one time been a small part of my identity.

Strip 8? Christian dogma that had been plaguing me. I struggled with it at this time as I developed my spirituality rapidly in a public way. I suppose this removal was a positive one to see right away.

Strip 9? Another difficult one, perhaps the most difficult to deal with even now, seven months later. The third boyfriend that my partner and I were involved with, continued a romantic relationship with me. I enjoyed our time together immensely, but without warning and much to my dismay, he terminated that relationship.

So in the middle-to-late transit, I was stripped of those things I thought I was; a partner, a hard-worker, and homeowner, status symbols for sure. It’s time to focus on myself and not someone or something else. And while I miss my cat-babies, my condo, my ex-partner and my ex-boyfriend, I know that it is for the best as I begin to peak behind Saturn’s unyielding curtain at a bright and beautiful golden Libra meadow.

A Pagan in Portland wants to know with Saturn as conductor, where did the Virgo train take you?

"New Chapter" in Japan, Isn't About Japan At All

Originally posted to the blog titled Pagan in Portland.

That Divine telegram was sent, via my friend Miss Renee, an astrologer and tarot reader whom I met for the first time during a sunny September day in 2009. Her message was about long-distance travel to Japan next year.

My heart skipped a beat! My thirteen year dream of going to Japan was an option? I studied the language both formally and informally for years! I would daydream about home-stay experiences in high school.

After her initial message, Japan started to manifest in other ways. When I would spend time with my friend Akiko, an exchange student, or celebrate the Japnese holiday Shichi-Go-San with Mia, the little girl I babysat. In January, I began looking for jobs in Japan online. At this time I was unemployed and the same week, a call came through for a job I didn’t even apply for, a management position that included a nice salary to actualize my dream.

Messages continued to come my way through people; Japanese strangers, friends, networking acquaintances all presenting different options. The day before my birthday, which included a personal, intension and powerful ritual meditation, I ran into an acquaintance from the Japanese Consulate on my bus home, who reminded me of programs with Portland State University.

I applied that week, the same as the Aries New Moon and was granted a meeting on the following Full Moon (see how that works?), and with little to no effort and I was accepted into a summer program to study at Hokkaido University!

The messages about Japan I had been receiving were that this was the catalyst for a new chapter in my life. With this information, I planned to stay in Japan for as long as I could. What would be this new chapter? Working in Japan? Something international? Teaching? I packed my condo up, cancelled my life in the States and bought a ticket for Japan for as long as the country would allow me stay.

I arrived in Japan and was overwhelmed by the isolation, the schoolwork, the complexity of everyday living and the language! I felt as if I had jumped into the Japanese deep end of the pool and was drowning. While in this state, I began to rethink my goal or chapter in Japan. Maybe the new chapter wasn’t about Japan at all.

Remedying myself with English music, coffee, I Love Lucy episodes, skype, video making and listening to spiritual and pagan podcasts of my favourite podkins (Ariel + Feithline Stewart), I began to feel better. Actually, better than better! In the isolation I found solace. Divine solace! Inspiration began to flow and continued for six days!

Then something came to me in a flash, on the Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that took place on June 26th, I saw it! My life’s path. It simply materialized as an idea not considered: Natural Medicine!

Coming to Japan was not only a beautiful Divine gift, my dream come true, but this trip has helped me to realize a path that combines my lifestyle, belief-systems and passions.

A Pagan in Portland says work toward your goals, even if you don’t know what they are.

It's Not Always About You!

Originally posted to the blog titled Pagan in Portland.

Because I am on this path where I feel like the God/Goddess/Universe has a daily lesson plan, I question the reason behind events that may appear contradictory to my goals.

Case in point; my good friend Pam, whom I have known for thirteen years from high school in the Detroit area, has moved across the country to Portland and is living with me in my studio condo.

So why is this a kink in my master plan? Because I am planning to go to Japan, my first thought was ‘oh, I guess now isn’t the best time to go’ or ‘maybe the God/Goddess/Universe actually has other plans for me.’ I mean, she’ll be here until my condo sells, as it sits on the market now and traveling to Japan is pending on the sale.

My Aries sun clouded my understanding of the situation and maybe it was my Virgo logical and analytical rising that broke through the smoke and said “Hey! Sometimes it’s not always about you!” Boy, did I need that alarm call. Maybe this time for Pam in Portland, staying with me without rent and trying to make it on her own is clearly about Pam!

This situation is not without temptation. Having someone in Portland whom I have known for so long is refreshing! Talk of moving into an apartment together and the fun we’ll have has me thinking the opposite of my goal. Wanting to give a hand to my friend and keep her company in a strange land, rather than discover my own strange land.

Perhaps the temptation is meant to test my ambition, validity and the magnitude of this objective.

A Pagan in Portland is expanding his vision to the Universal changes to improve others lives!

5 Intentions for the New Moon

Originally posted to the blog titled Pagan in Portland.

New Moon.jpg

This past winter, I’ve been on a journey to ‘Let Go and Let Goddess’. My travels have not been without validation, divine interception and the ebb and flow of energy and universal truth. I’ve been recording my experiences as I present my intentions to the God/Goddess and accepting what’s best for me.

Letting go is no walk in the park. It’s a doubled edge sword really, a swirling mass filled with pleasures, difficult challenges, blind faith and the destroying and the disassemble of the facets of my life. In January, while on a winter cabin vacation in Bend with my boyfriend and his friends, I asked the God/Goddess that her will be done and the very next day he was gone. An incredible soul that I felt very connected to, a friend for 2 years and a lover for 1. Without warning, without explanation and without further contact, I had to make my journey to ‘Let Go and Let Goddess’ in the dark and with no hand to hold but perhaps maybe the hand of the Mother and Father.

Prior to the departure of my boyfriend, it was the stripping away of my 8-year relationship to my partner, the destruction to my ownership of my home, the exodus of my beautiful cat-babies and the termination of my long-term employment with Starbucks. Coupled with the letting go of negative Christian dogma, mundane dilemmas and people who no longer or never contributed to my development as a person.

I believe with these transformational changes, it opened me up to adventures that have taken me aback almost daily. I’ve become open to the Universe on a path, uncharted. It seems that each day is filled with light, love, the meeting of strangers with a message, experiences with a purpose and a plan aligned with the Goddess.

Wednesday, April 14th was a special day. It was the first New Moon of the astrological year, sometimes referred as the beginning of the New Year. It consisted of the Moon and Sun, both in Aries. And it was my birthday! This special days mediation/ritual work consisted of five intensions for my life in the following year. I made it clear that my intentions are simply MY intentions and are secondary to the plan that the God/Goddess/Universe has for me. My intentions are merely my wishes. They are as follows:

1: Japan; I have acknowledged the divine memos about traveling. I ask for guidance to get there and to find the right people, places and learnings associated with this new chapter.

2: My Ex-boyfriend; who has recently reentered my life. I need clarity regarding his role to my life because the messages I receive are clear about having him in my life in some capacity.

3: Friends with Purpose; I am enjoying the abundance of people I have been meeting and ask to continue to send friends my way that can only make me a stronger person and assist me on my spiritual path work. Also the necessary stripping of those personalities that take away from me.

4: Spiritual Development; as if I could ever get away from this in my life, but I just want to straighten and recognize it, always.


5: My Life’s Plan; a couple of flyers have been pinned to the bulletin board, but I ask for clarity. Again for the right people, the right places, the right experiences to mold the clay of my life’s plan into what the Goddess desires for me and to be executed with little or no sarcasm.

My suggestion for my readers, my friends, is to try to begin to look at experiences in life for what they are. Be positive and remember that what you put out, comes back. Yes, karma. It’s totes for real ya’ll. Record your experiences and look for the learning in each one. Be open, be open, be open!

What are some of your occurrences with the Universe and just letting go?

A Pagan in Portland says feng shui your universal karma, let it go and enjoy this ride! And always remember to breathe.