My Saturn Return

Today Saturn moves to 1 degree Scorpio, the exact position of my natal Saturn. Today is my Saturn Return.

Into the Dungeon: Saturn Enters Scorpio


On October 5th, Saturn will make it’s long-time shift into Scorpio where it will stay until 2015. There’s no doubt that Saturn is the teacher, the wise-man, the authority, the rule-maker and is now leaving the diplomatic and relationship-oriented sign of Libra for the dark, dirty and sexy sign of Scorpio.

It's interesting. Almost 2.5 years ago, I wrote an early article on the old blog Pagan in Portland, about Saturn leaving Virgo (see Saturn Disembarks the Virgo Train) and began his trek into Libra. Here we are after that time has passed, I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge (and perhaps thank) how Saturn has restructured this area of life before moving onto Saturn moving into Scorpio.

With Saturn in Libra (in my second house), I began dating for the first time in 8-years. I learned a lot about relationships and "the other" but also about my friends, what kind of friend I am and how to balance those equations. Lovers turned into friends, friends turned into roommates, friends turned into acquaintances and some relationships had to die. Being in the second house, I got a big lesson on resources, not only financial matters, but mentally, educationally, informationally, health-related and how to use networking effectively. Personally with Saturn, it opposed my Sun and made a conjunction to my natal Pluto in Libra teaching me the single biggest lesson of that time, how to create boundaries between myself and the other, and then how to destroy them.

To get an idea of how Saturn in Scorpio will play out, you have to examine what each of these two are associated with. Scorpio is sex, sexual themes, psychology, psycho-therapy, Scorpio is emotional and a no-bull shit kind of sign, it keeps secrets, can be obsessed and is non-materialist. Saturn is the task-master, the head-master, authority in general, it rules Government, structures and infrastructures. Saturn sets us on the straight and narrow, Saturn constricts and reduces.


Now depending on where Scorpio is for you in your chart, whether first house or eighth house, this describes the “where” in your life that Saturn in Scorpio will show up and you can run a free chart online to find which house is Scorpio ruling for you personally, but I'll be speak generally about Saturn in Scorpio.  In Scorpio, we will attract experience that are in-line for our Soul’s evolution toward growth and transcendence. Unconscious issues, patterns, thought-forms we  are in will be brought to the surface, let’s keep a journal to see what those issues are, especially when the Moon is in Scorpio, once a month. Saturn is honesty and reality and so bringing things from the unconscious may be a bit hard for some people to handle. Remember that it is completely okay to hire a psychologist or a psychoanalyst. Take advantage of this time in this respect. Look for ways to increase your self-respect and self-knowing.

Saturn is shared-reality and Scorpio is esoteric. Concrete interest in the occult may be a common theme and we may see more organizations dedicated to this subject. Last week, I went to New Renaissance Bookshop to see local astrologer Mark Dodich speak on this very topic of Saturn in Scorpio. He says that with Saturn in Scorpio, we can expect higher esoteric concepts to be put into language we can understand or to give those concepts to others in non-judgemental language, using terms that other can understand. A great example of this I think would be the DCW lectures podcasts with Ariel because he always uses language for any listener, for example calling it Spirit, the Higher-Mind or Higher-Self, God or Goddess, the Universe or even Jesus". Mark quotes “bring higher god vibration into practical application here on earth, but in a different language where people can understand truth, but not in the way you think they could hear it before.”


Saturn hasn’t been in Scorpio for almost 30 years, but the last time we were dealing with the beginning epidemic of the HIV/AIDS virus. And like last time, Saturn is in an interesting aspect to Pluto. Pluto is in Capricorn and is in a good aspect to Saturn in two ways, first they are in a sextile, a 60 degree formation that exacts on December 21st, 2012, the winter solstice. This should be an interesting date for the collective conscious. The second way this is relevant is because Pluto rules Scorpio and Saturn rules Capricorn so each planet is in each other’s home sign. This is called mutual reception. (Let me give you another example of this: If you were born with Mercury in Taurus and Venus in Gemini, this is an example of mutual reception because Mercury is in Taurus, the home of Venus and Venus is in Gemini, the home of Mercury.) Pluto has already been tearing up shit in Capricorn, which rules Government, and Pluto excavates the foundations of things ruled by that sign. I mentioned before on the show that the actual date Pluto moved into Capricorn was the fall of the economy and the banking crisis that followed in the fall of 2008. With Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, we will continue to see structural deficiencies and corrupt politics and agendas exposed. Interestingly enough, Scorpio is associated with other people’s money including taxes! We may see a tax reform, or perhaps student loan reform or an exposé on how our tax money is spent. As with HIV/AIDS 28 years ago, we may see this become an issue in two ways, one way Astrologer Nadiya Shah predicts is that we may see a vaccine or break-through treatment as Pluto in Capricorn rules corporations. We may also see some light on sex, safe sex practices, public health initiatives around STIs or some sort of discussion or dialogue, perhaps in schools since Saturn rules schools. This also may be a push for better sex-education!

I encourage you to see where Saturn is in your chart and see if you have any planets there, or if it makes any aspects to your other planets. If Saturn is passing over your Sun or Moon, expect this to have a more profound an amplified effect on you, so for instance if your birthday is in Scorpio.


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