Sagittarius Kosmo Kitty


Caturday returns in Sagittarius!

A Sagittarius Kosmo Kitty is quite the adventurous cat, slipping out at night through the cat door. This larger-than-life cat prefers to travel to distant worlds and distant cultures enjoying the thrill of meeting new humans, new cats and learning new things. A Sadge Kosmo Kitty may have a taste for the exotic and flare for the worldly. Kosmo Kitty may know how to hold chopsticks and know how to dance the folk steps of Germanic people. Next time you let your cat outside, imagine the journey he or she will embark upon.

"A journal of a 1,000 steps begins with one paw." Lao-tzu

My First Book, Kinda

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 4.30.05 pMy name on a published work!...Almost. Astrologer and researcher Judith Hill has asked me personally for a quote that was used on her newest book. I was so honored and elated to see the final product when the book was released two weeks ago.

I joke that it will be the only time I'll see my name on a book, but maybe not.

For more information about Hill's newest book, click on this link.

Repost: Samhain Altar and Activites

This is a photo of my Samhain Altar. This year, my boyfriend and I certainly wasted no time in celebrating Samhain. Not only did we have a beautiful autumn dinner, we left apple slices, M&Ms, wine and bread outside on the porch with a candle to attract ancestors and feed them on their way. We also celebrated the South American holiday of Los Diaz De La Muertos (Day of the Dead), participating in the parade downtown and pow-wow after. We painted sugar skulls as well. (pictured below)

Original Post: 2 November 2011.

My Saturn Return

Today Saturn moves to 1 degree Scorpio, the exact position of my natal Saturn. Today is my Saturn Return.