Re-Run Recharge


It's no secret to friends that I highly enjoy or even prefer re-runs of shows to trying to get into a new series, any day of the week. My fetish of I Love Lucy, All in the Family, Roseanne and Sex and City or even the long-running Saturday Night Live, creates a fictional world where I begin to invest in characters I see each time. I believe this is why I don't find movies to appealing, because after 2-hours, I will never see those characters again.

New research is finding that escaping into a rerun of familiar characters, sets and themes is actually doing your brain a great deal of recharging.


Beautifying Water Drinking

My friend Stephanie Gailing over at Planetary Apothecary has got me thinking about wellness in a different light. Although I am on the eve of finishing my bachelors in Public Health and I am a second year student in Western Herbalism, her ideas of wellness produced from ascetics has me wondering how much validity there is in the details of food presentation and preparation. Being a Virgo-rising, I have an eye for detail, using this skill in my last professional position as a kitchen manager but the creative hit I get from the nitty gritty of food and beverage at home is refreshing. It seems to produce a feeling of gratitude to be a human on the earth at this time, and I cherish that. Thank you Stephanie! For some ideas, try lemon + basil, or lemon + cucumber slices, or lemon + rosemary. To subscribe to Planetary Apothecary's Elixir Newsletter, click the link http://planetaryapothecary.com/newsletter/