New Digital Downloads on the Astrological Houses

Two new digital downloads are up on the Portland School of Astrology website!

Jaysen Paulson: The Astrological Houses

If planets are actors and signs are the mood of a play, what are the houses? The astrological houses are the where--the stage where action happens. In this one hour teleclass, Jaysen will explore each house through astrological symbolism and the life cycle. The angles, some history and sample planets through the houses will also be mentioned.

Digital Download Running Time: 67 minutes.


A Walk Through the Houses - an Astrological Meditation

When we are learning astrology, we tend to do this in an intellectual way, which isn't necessarily good or bad, but we can begin to learn about ourselves and our charts by tapping into what we already know about ourselves. A Walk Through the Houses is a guided astrological meditation where we walk through each one of your houses. Grounding exercises and two pauses for reflection, journaling, drawing or dreaming are given in this recording.

NOTE: Remember to not be driving or operating machinery when listening to this recording.

This is a novice or beginners class but is also suited to intermediate and even advanced students. If you are looking for a beginners class and more intellectual information on the Houses themselves, check out the Astrological Houses by Jaysen Paulson.

Digital Download Running Time: 90 minutes.