the magic of the 2008 election

Politicked Off Excerpt: An Obama Win


Below is an excerpt from episode

2.09-Politicked Off: Lessons from the Election Cycle.

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November 2008. The magic and fire of the Obama election win. The cheers I heard from the streets as I walked home from work that night, declaring Obama a victory. Do you know that moment just after midnight on New Years? The moment where the entire collective conscious in a particular time zone seem to vibrate in synchronicity and where your neighbors, the other people in the bar, the other people people at work all become your friends, your brothers and sisters? And we revel together in the newness of a year uncharted. Fireworks, cheers, drinks, hopes and wishes, a clean start...My entire commute home that election night was like an extended New Year’s wish. An extended New Year’s celebration. Shouts on the street, people jumping up and down on the light rail, a party gathered in the common areas of my building. We had a time for real change, a time for newness and time for advancement for the entire human race.

I felt good, my guy had won! My party had won, this was my savior. But like many critics of Obama, I soon became disenchanted with his administration and the things he’s not accomplished. While he has made great strides in healthcare, repealing ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and creating more jobs mostly in the retail and foodservice industries, I don’t think it’s enough and truthfully, it’s not entirely his fault. It’s no joke that during the term of presidency, President Obama was victim to a Republican blockade on everything he did. Everything! He also had inherited an economy close to the Great Depression, many other countries are hurting or are in strife, so being the World Police that we are, we are stretching ourselves thin supporting them and our domestic consumer base won’t stop buying cheap goods sourced in China which, in a cyclical manner, ends up hurting us more than it’s worth to save the $3.00 buying that cheap plastic toy from China. And Military budget spending, our biggest expense in the U.S at 23% in 2011 according to NPR’s Planet Money. Do you know how much we spend on education? 2%. While assessing priorities here, I was having an conversation with a Portland Public Schools 4th grade teacher in a coffee shop who simply put it best “who are we protecting? A country full of dumb people?”