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Energetic Hygiene: Real Talk for Healers

For us sensitive souls forced in live in a world filled fluorescent lighting, proof-oriented haters and Costco Superstores

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In our capitalistic culture, we have a hard time with what impedes progress and profit. We are discouraged from properly taking care of our bodies. In our proof-oriented culture, we have a hard time with what we cannot see or test. We are told that intuitive information cannot be credible. Because we deny the existence of our energetic bodies to begin with, we do not have the tools to deal. 

In this class, community herbalist and astrologer JP Hawthorne we will teach you proper energetic hygiene techniques to begin to create healthy and sustainable solutions for yourself, friends, family and clients. This workshop is not exclusive to any group of healers but is helpful to all healers, astrologers and tarot readers, reiki practitioners and herbalists, medical care professionals, social change advocates, high-profile/high-visibility individuals and sensitive peoples. Come willing to participate--this class will be part magical exercises, part practitioner ethics, and part tools for working with our sensitive clients.

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