Speaking Inquires

Jaysen is available for speaking and teaching outside his regular engagements. Here is a list of current developed material. New lectures and titles are added regularly. Descriptions can be sent upon request. If you have an idea about a class, let us know.

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LEcture Titles for Novice/Beginners and up

Health or herbal related topics

  • Tea Party in Space!
  • Astro-Herbalism Local Plant Tour (Weather Permitting)
  • Your Connection to Plants, Your Connection to Planets Experiential
  • Astrological Vitality: Herbal Remedies for Your Sun Sign
  • Introduction to Medical Astrology
  • Calculating and Understanding Your Astrological Elemental Constitution
  • Moon Signs: Understanding Your Relationship to Nourishment & Self-Care
  • Plants & Planets: Flower Essences and Astrology 4-Week Series 
  • Plants & Planets: Herbal Medicine and Astrology 4-Week Series

Magical topics

  • Magic Through the Astrological Viewfinder 4-Week Series
  • the Four Elements: Magical and Practical Experiential 5-Week Series
  • Planets as Deity: Examining our Magical Relationships
  • Working with Moon Cycles for Magical Purposes

Fundamental topics

  • Astrology for Newbies: Nuts and Bolts Intro 3-Week Series
  • Moon Signs: Understanding Your Relationship to Nourishment & Self-Care
  • From Rawr to Relationships: Mars, Venus and the Moon
  • Venus and the Way We Love
  • Mercury Retrograde Self-Defense: Strageies for Killin' It
  • The Astrological Signs
  • The Astrological Planets
  • The Astrological Houses
  • The Astrological Houses Experiential and Meditation
  • Celestial Mechanics: Embodying the Motion of the Heavens Interactive Experience 
  • What is Astrology? and Chart Orientation
  • A Brief History of Astrology and the Astrological Ages

Timing topics

  • How to Simply Calculate Transits and Forecasting
  • Working with Moon Cycles for Magical Purposes
  • Working with Moon Cycles for Professional and Personal Productivity

Special topics

  • Star Shopper: Your Astrological Gift-Giving Guide
  • Plants & Planets: Tea Party in Space!
  • Plants & Planets Herb Walk Field Trip
  • Canvas and the Cosmos: Astrology and Art Archetypal Tour at Portland Art Museum

LECTURE TITLES for intermediate and up

  • Transit Calculation Party (technique)
  • Finding Your Vocational Signifier (technique)
  • Annual Profected Houses and Time Lords (technique)