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Limited services are open to the public. However, once you have a Natal Chart Consultation done, this unlocks all chart services available to you. 


How I Work

All readings can be done over the phone or in-person. My consultation space is located in the Hollywood district in Portland.  If you have any questions about charts or where you should begin, don't hesitate to contact me.

  • What are people saying about you? To read client testimonials, click here.

  • What are your qualifications? To view my extension training and exhaustive Astrological CV, click here.

  • Do you offer sliding scale? Accessibility is an important value to me, personally. My consultation rate is $125/hr but I have reduced this by $30 to address accessibility. In addition to this, followups/additional appointments are $50, which are reduced by $75 from my consultation rate.

  • What else do I need to know about how you work? Read about my consultation style, code of ethics, confidentially and cancellation policies, about the use of language, and lineage, click here. 

  • I need to see you sooner. Do have a waitlist? Often my consultation schedule gets booked out. Please book your next best slot and the in-take form will prompt you to be added to the 'next available' waitlist. Waitlist requests are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

  • What is Cosmophilia's social responsibility? An astrology that gives back! Cosmophilia has a mission to create positive social change in both the local community and in the global sense. Each year, we select several organizations to make monthly financial contributions. In 2018, we are currently supporting #BlackLivesMatter networks, Planned Parenthood, ACLU and NAYA Native American Family and Youth Center. Your business with Cosmophilia fights for people's lives and rights.

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Consultation Details



Natal Chart Reading  - to begin here is highly recommended! (valued at $125)

If you are interested in working with me, I ask that new clients book a natal chart reading, even if they've had one before. This allows me to get to know you better and an interpretation of your chart. Notes are given during the session as well as a recording sent to your email. Our 60-minute one-on-one conversation includes:

  • A discussion on the mechanics of your chart such as your Moon and all the planets placements, Rising Sign, aspects, houses, elemental constitution, Lunar phase, etc.  
  • Remedial suggestions for natal difficulties based on your planets and constitution. These are often magical, practical, physical, wellness, health or herbal medicine related, but not exclusively.
  • Each reading will come with a hand drawn color copy of your chart.
  • You will also receive additional hand-made info sheets and informative articles for after the visit to enrich your experience. 

After our first session, you are welcome to book me for a followup (less expensive) and we can continue into the natal chart and/or look at the year ahead keeping your goals in mind, do timing charts, vocational--whatever you'd like! I'm here for you! Followup rate is $50.

Time: 60 minutes. MP3 recording offered for in-person consultations. Phone consultations available.


Makes a Great Baby Shower Gift (valued at $125)

A general understanding of who this new soul is, if a baby, or to help foster talent and understand the proclivities of a youngster.  A recorded mp3 is offered.

Time: 60 minutes. MP3 recording offered for in-person consultations. Phone consultations available.


Perfect for the new graduate (valued at $125)

This reading is designed to help a young person understand their potential and types of jobs and studies that would be best suited for someone who may not know what it is they want to study or learn. I can help!

*I'm regularly invited to do this chart for incoming Freshman at Reed College. It's a helpful consultation to have if you are going to college, or want to gift to someone heading to college.

Time: 60 minutes. MP3 recording offered for in-person consultations. Phone consultations available.

Business Owners: Chart of My Business CONSULTATION $95

Natal Chart Reading for Your Business (valued at $125)

Did you know that your business has a birth chart? It's true! And with business astrology, we can begin to understand the energetic needs of our business. This consultation will include your business' impression, how to make the business comfortable for clients or customers, how to market the business, how money is spent, and other needs your small business needs you to know.

Time: 60 minutes. MP3 recording offered for in-person consultations. Phone consultations available.


Forecast timing charts for events  (valued at $125)

Are you planning an event? A wedding? A book release? Opening a new business? I can give you the best times to do those in an Astro Weather report. Our phone consultation will discuss your desired outcome for the event, your natal chart details and the times/days that are best for you to do this event. Then I will find the chart most conducive to what you are looking for.

*Discounts are available for those who want a monthly date for email newsletter campaigns and other services needing regular times. 12-month timing charts are $249 for the year (a $291 savings!)

Time: 30 minutes total. This consultation only done by phone and requires two bookings: one to discuss what your event and desired outcome (15-minutes) and the second booking is to discuss the charts I found that are suitable (15-minutes).


For strategies moving forward (valued at $125) 

A modification from the Natal Chart Consultation, this special offering will examine ways in which we can take action in the political climate moving forward as well as self-care reminders that are embedded in our charts.  

  • Medicinal herbs will be available for purchase. 
  • No hand-drawn chart will be given for this consultation.
  • It is preferred to have completed a New Client: Natal Chart Consultation with JayP first, but not necessary.
  • A percentage of the proceeds from this chart consultation will be donated to either the ACLU, Planned Parenthood or #BlackLivesMatter networks.

Time: 60 minutes. MP3 recording offered for in-person consultations. Phone consultations available.


For those looking to make the transition to astrological practitioner (valued at $125)

This consultation is for astrology students who are looking to better understand who they are as an astrologer as it best suits their chart.  This consultation is collaborative so please come with questions and concerns.

Time: 60 minutes. MP3 recording offered for in-person consultations. Phone consultations available.