“Our meeting was extremely powerful, in more ways than you will know. I am glad that I trusted you to provide me with some astrology insight that is helpful as I go through my ‘journey.’  It is a special gift. I have raved about your readings and hope to get others to contact you as I think you are wonderful and really have a way of presenting some interesting and difficult information in a ‘remedial’ and compassionate manner.  That is truly a gift.”

-Michelle, Non-Profit Executive Director, Oregon

"Jaysen was a real joy to work with. His specific reading was extremely accurate throughout this past year. I appreciated his herbal suggestions for particularly difficult weeks. I got a real sense of what major events were coming down the road far in advance, and advice on how to juggle the challenges that would arise. He was clear, patient and articulate in explaining my chart." 

-Jude, Reverend, New York 

“I think you do such a great job of unfolding mysteries in an effortless way. I appreciated the time it took you to research and can tell how passionate you are about your craft. Even just taking people by the hand to let them get their feet wet in the deep river is a beautiful thing… It reminds them that they need to visit more often.”

-Brittany, Music Teacher, Oregon 

"I am excited that you are doing this and seriously impressed by your depth of knowledge.”

-Amy, Medical Herbalist, California

"You helped bring some of my spirit back. Thank you for doing what you do and being who you are with such heroic strength. You have my gratitude friend."

-M, Body Worker/Healer, Oregon

"Through the Flower Essence and Astrology [class] with Jen [Gouvea] and JayP, I have been empowered to further my personal journey in a deeper way than I've ever experienced...[this class] has given me a wonderful introduction to Astrology, and blended it with knowledge of the flower essences.  My life and my self have changed so much over this short period of time, but it's more as if I'm awakening to who I am and am learning how to honor and move toward that person. I'm incredibly grateful to have received the amazing support and deep knowledge that both of these teachers have to share with others." (This testimonial comes from a workshop titled Plants and Planets: Flower Essences and Astrology co-facilitated with Jen Gouvea.)

-Melissa, Student, Oregon

"The Plants and Planets Flower Essence class with Jen Gouvea and Jaysen Paulson was terrific! I went in with very little knowledge about flower essence formulas or the workings of my own natal chart. Jen and Jaysen delivered the information in a way that was easy for a beginner to understand but would also be effective for all levels of understanding. The group was just the right size so that we all had time to discuss our experiences and have questions answered. I liked the format in that we each received a flower essence on the first night and were able to talk about our journey and reflect on plant and planet influences on those experiences. I would highly recommend this class to those who are interested. I would also recommend, to those wanting to learn more about a large variety of flower essences, checking out their other courses"

-Chelsea, Naturopathic Medical Student, Oregon

"I would like to express my appreciate for Jen Gouvea’s and Jaysen Paulson’s class. I found the material intriguing and personally significant as they relate current astrological events and the life challenges of their students directly to the material. That class sizes are small gives everyone the chance for individualized attention and we are all given the opportunity to share and learn from each other. I am definitely integrating some of their fascinating material into my own work as healing practitioner, counselor, and minister. I highly recommend it or both experienced healing facilitators, those starting out in the field, and those who are merely curious. There is something for everyone here.

-Kurt, Counselor, Oregon