Wholesale Accounts

We welcome wholesale accounts for Cosmophilia Astrological Herbals both in the United States and Internationally. You must be a retailing business, either online or brick and mortar store. Business license or resale number will be required for a wholesale account (for international accounts, whatever would be the equivalent to this is fine. International businesses are asked to make a $100.00 USD (that's $200 MSRP) opening order.)


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Ethically Sourced Products

We are committed to sourcing local, chemical-free, organic and/or ethically wildcrafted items in our tea blends, essential oils for sprays, alcohol for all tinctures and vibrational essences. Even the paper we use is post-consumed.

Magically and Expertly Handcrafted

We are committed to our cultivation of relationships with plants and listening to what they need. Items are made with some serious intention, sometimes we’re up at 3:30am to catch specific planetary timing to make our products! While some consider Cosmophilia items to be rather enchanted, it is our training and experience that assures that items do not contain personal energy or slimy, objectionable, or unintended vibrational qualities.

Cosmophilia Gives Back

We are committed to making the world better for all people, plants, and places. Cosmophilia makes a monthly donation to four organizations that share our values in bettering the environment, fostering community development, and fighting for social justice equity and equality.


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Marketing Tools To Help Sell

We’re here to help you sell our products. Currently we offer a general and specific product signage kit, demos, in-store samples, customized inventory tracking forms, product sell sheets for you and your staff, extra supplies, and reorder reminders to those who request. We are currently developing additional tools and support that we are hoping to roll out at a future time.

Superstar Shipping

We offer opening orders 50% off shipping costs!** In addition to this, we've improved our shipping rates with Etsy's USPS corporate discount, and we pass the savings onto you. We will even refund overages back to your account. We offer free delivery to Portland zip codes only. All orders are processed on Thursdays for Friday shipment. (**50% off shipping will be refunded after the first order.)

Growing Product Mix

Cosmophilia is inspired by creating new products for you and your customers. When you purchase from us, we are able to put that money directly back into development. We are doubling our product mix by 2019.

Skillful Inventory

We know the headache of waiting a month or more for product from a small vendor. At Cosmophilia, we keep inventory to established par levels to reduce delays. This helps us to anticipate ingredient needs to keep our products prepared and stocked for you.

Digital Sell Sheets

Ask for a copy from us, or print yourself to use in-store with customers and staff (PDF).


If you are interested in working with us, please fill out the wholesale application. After approval, we will email you the wholesale discount code to apply at checkout on Etsy.