Wholesale Accounts

We welcome wholesale accounts for Cosmophilia Astrological Herbals both in the United States and Internationally. You must be a retailing business, either online or brick and mortar store. Business license or resale number will be required for a wholesale account (for international accounts, whatever would be the equivalent to this is fine. International businesses are asked to make a $100.00 USD (that's $200 MSRP) opening order.)


More about wholesale with Cosmophilia Astrological Herbals

Ethically Sourced Products:

JP Hawthorne has been an environmental activist since 2002 and is committed to sourcing plants that are ethically wildcrafted, most often local, and certified organic in our Planetary Tea Blends. Essential oils in our Planetary Sprays line are therapeutic grade, chemical free, and/or certified organic. Alcohol for Astro-Herbal tinctures, Planetary Vibrational Essences and Plants Against the Patriarchy Essences are organic and gluten free. Paper for AstroloBey and Plants Against the Patriarchy zines are printed on full or partial recycled stock. Tote bags are organic or natural cotton and from a local queer/woman owned screen printing shop. All labels are printed locally.



Proprietor JP Hawthorne has completed a five year magical training program at the Blue Iris Mystery School in Portland, Oregon. While this training has mostly been personal, it does come through in communing with plants, harvesting, and making medicine. Items are made at intentional times, sometimes up at 3:30am to catch certain planetary timing! While some consider Cosmophilia items to be rather enchanted, it is JP’s training that assures that items do not contain his personal energy or other slimy, objectionable, or unintended vibrational qualities. In addition to this, JP has studied astrology since 1995, has been working with clients since 2011 and opened the community-oriented Portland School of Astrology which sees around 400-600 students a year. With almost 10 years of study, JP has completed 2 years of herbal medicine school, 3 years of herbal retail, and a degree in Community Health Education (Public Health). JP has spoken at several plant medicine conferences, shops, and is currently writing a full-length book on the practice of astrology and herbal medicine.


Marketing Tools to Help Sell Cosmophilia:

Cosmophilia is committed to helping you sell our products. While magical, herbal and astrological themed items may be an easy or hard sell in your shop, we’re here to help. We are currently developing additional tools and support that we are hoping to roll out in increments starting in Spring 2018. Currently we offer:

  • General Signage Kit
  • Customized Inventory Tracking Forms
  • In-store Samples/Demos
  • Extra supplies
  • Reorder reminders to those who request


Cosmophilia Gives Back:

Ethical consumerism has been a personal value for JP for 20 years and how one votes with their dollar is important to Cosmophilia. We make a yearly commitment to financially support several initiatives, organizations and non-profits each month, who are also working to make a better world for all people. While this may change yearly, and we may support other organizations throughout the year for one-time donations, we are currently backing:

  • Black Lives Matter networks
  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
  • Planned Parenthood
  • NAYA: Native American Youth and Family Center in Portland


Growing Product Mix:

Cosmophilia is inspired by creating new products for you to sell in your shop. We are looking to double our product mix offering in 2018 including:

  • Ritual Bath Salts
  • Planetary Elixirs (honey-based)
  • Planetary Vibrational Essences
  • Planetary Anointing Oils
  • Astro-Herbal Tinctures: over 10 additional items
  • More zines and books


Online Ordering

All orders are done via Etsy, which can be reached directly from our website or with a direct link. Wholesale pricing will be activated with a checkout code, reducing by 50%. There are also demos, samples and other wholesale support items on our Etsy page. We offer free delivery to Portland zip codes ONLY. All orders are processed on Thursdays for Friday shipment. Portland delivery dates may vary but often delivered within a week from our designated Thursday prep day. We've recently improved all shipping rates/options to make getting Cosmophilia items less expensive for small businesses.


If you are interested in working with us, please fill out the wholesale application. After approval, we will email you the wholesale discount code to apply at checkout on Etsy.