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Interested in On-Going Support Consultations

Let's work together!

I believe that building a relationship with an astrologer can be a powerful way to learn about the self, to best be prepared for the energies that are heading our way and to help us understand others. When working with a client, I first do a First-Time Consultation (available to book under the Services tab). Doing this initial work helps me to get to know you better and understand your goals and how I can assist you. My clients prefer to get a deeper knowing of their chart rather than a quick fly-by-night interpretation.

After the initial consultation, I am here for you and at a even more reduced rate. We can choose to keep working with the natal chart (the chart of your birth), or we can switch it up and talk about the year ahead and how to best utilize those opportunities. I am also available for a whole menu of chart types and offerings (you can view all chart types under Services tab)

Charts I offer for my clients:

  • Natal Chart Consultation
  • Year Ahead Transit Report Consultation
  • Vocational Consultation
  • Followup Astro Aid on topics of your choice
  • Astro-Activism: Action and Self-Care Consultation
  • Why Goddess, Why? Mini Consultations
  • What Kind of Astrologer Am I? Practitioner Assistance 
  • Any chart types open to the public


Interested in One-Time Support Consultations

While I prefer on-going client relationships, the public can book me for one-time support for the following chart consultations, click here.

  • Lil' Charts: Children's Consultations
  • College Chart Consultations
  • Astrological Timing Charts
  • Astro-Activism: Action and Self-Care Consultation
  • What Kind of Astrologer Am I? Practitioner Assistance 
  • Any teaching, business or additional service


Why is Cosmophilia Different?

  1. Experience - I'm the founder of the Portland School of Astrology, the largest astrology school and community in the U.S. You can read my extensive Astrological CV here, however, my job is to HELP you, not give you keywords of your Sun Sign. The best way I do this is through remediation, a matching of solutions that fit the sign or planet we are discussing to achieve your goal.
  2. Social Justice Framework - Validating the client's lived experience is key, so I commit to ongoing deconstruction of harmful bias and expectations. The use of language is very important to me (see below). Cosmophilia finaicially supports three organizations that share our values.
  3. Professionalism - As a full time astrologer, I conduct myself in a professional manner that puts my clients at ease (see below). This includes pre-consultation, during the consultation, and post-consultation followups.
  4. Accessibility -  I'm floored by astrological practitioners who charge $250 for a consultation with no information about their experience, their study, their history. Even with an extensive study and practice, I give a blanket sliding scale to everyone. My standard rate is $125, however all services are $50 - $95.


Astrological Experience

To see my complete experience and exhaustive Astrological CV, please click here.


Client Testimonials

To see my client testimonials, please click here.


While Astro is super fun, first some boundaries.


Consultation Style and Ethics

In consultation with a client, I try to find the highest expression of their true self and let them know that. With a lot of earth sign planets myself, I aim to give practical tools and information you can use -- concrete material. Also, with my interests lying in remediation and physical astrology, I hope to give a positive expression of archetypal energies or transits you may be going through as well as ways to support health goals to bring your body back into alignment.  

As a Mercurial person, I love to give relevant recommendations on books, lectures, practitioners to see, additional information to seek out if you would like. I love connecting my clients with what they might need after the visit to enrich their experience and achieve their goals.

With my studies in herbal medicine, nutrition and health, plus magical training at the Blue Iris Mystery School, I may use tools I've learned from my studies here in the consultation. (Note: Nothing is given without consent.)


a word about social justice frameworks

Being an astrologer who claims to strive for an astrology and consultation experience that is consciously unbiased requires actual work on behave of the practitioner. As a queer white cis-man with a racially integrated family, this is very important to me. I continue to deconstruct my own programmed bias' and white, male privilege by continuously committing to resources, lectures, discussions, books, videos and other methods of learning for my own journey. Some examples have included on-going anti-oppression training at Resolution NW on a wide variety of topics, conflict resolution trainings, workbooks, and online classes.

I ty to actively check harmful assumptions that may exclude the experiences of people of colour, people outside of hetero-normative relationship structures, people who have a disability seen or unseen, people who are trans, gender queer, non-binary, etc. I practice body-positivity, sex-positivity (although my Virgo-rising self may blush), encourage free gender expression in astrological understanding and remove unnecessary gendered, binary language often forced upon signs and planets. This deconstruction is my commitment to you. 

Specific issues that are important to me are accessibility/class issues, social justice (particularly racism, sexism, queer identities), food politics, consumerism/environmentalism.


a word about the use of language, and authority

Astrology is great at describing behavior, but not identity. The astrologer can never assign identity because identities do not live in the astrologic layer. Outside the astrologic layer are key influences such as cultural conditioning, regional specifics, social pressures, religious ideologies, and family expectations and a personal development of self-idenity from these factors that astrology can never account for. We spend time talking about this, or referencing to it, in the consultation. This is why I speak about the chart objectively, using language like "this chart might suggest--", or "this chart might want--" rather than "you are like this", "you should change this". As an astrologer, my job is to describe energies and behaviors, without judgement and never without the element of free will.

Remember when engaging with any practitioner, whether it be astrologer, tarot reader or even medical doctor, no one should ever strip you of your own personal authority.


a word about linage

Just as the field of Biology has many branches of research and study, Astrology has many different branches as well. Simply stated, my theoretical orientation lies within an eclectic practice that includes an emphasis on health, wellness, physical and emotional astrology, Hellenistic astrology, radical astro, philosophy, herbalism, magic and energetics, and remediation. While my practice is grounded in ancient principles, I do weave this into our modern and humanistic understanding of the chart.  Astrology has shown itself to be a useful tool to help us understand not only ourselves with an incredible amount of depth and precision in mental or behavioral capacities, and not only how to understand our physical bodies, but it also gives vision into and illuminates our life's path, presenting us with clues to those mysteries, clues to the reasons why we are here and why we act and do the things that we do. We are all special. We are all unique, and astrology helps to validate this completely. 

More advanced clients may delight in the fact that I DO NOT practice the Astrological 12-Letter alphabet (as an example, the 12th House is equalled to the sign of Pisces is equalled to the planet Neptune.) This was intended as a beginners teaching-tool, and it is dangerous when delineating a chart for a client. Talk about your shitty astro! Furthermore, after careful deliberation and extensive experience and experimentation, I use the whole sign house system. 


Be Professional

We ask that you treat us with the same respect and dignity you would with another professional service provider like a doctor or therapist. 

Be On Time - I keep a tight client schedule, our time will go for the specified length you booked for. If you are running behind please know that we will not be able to go over our scheduled time together to make up for tardiness. If you are running late, no need to text or email -- please be safe! 

Cancellation Policy - Because my schedule books out in advance, cancelling an appointment not only blocks the spot from a potential client who may need to see me, but also reduces my monthly income. You are welcome to reschedule yourself online anytime 24 hours prior to our appointment. Preparation for our appointment has begun the day before our appointment. The cancellation fee is $60.00.

Confidentially Policy - Often I share some community commonalities with clients I see. I want you to know that all details discussed in our consultation will be kept confidential. This includes if we run into each other outside of the office, I will not bring up details about your chart unless you do first. I don't even share with anyone that you've come to see me. That's your business, not mine.

No Texts - While emails are encouraged regarding things we have previously discussed in our consultation together, please don't text me, Instagram message me, or email me to ask unrelated astrology questions about yourself or other people.

Other People's Charts - Just as you would need permission to see another's medical chart, I do not look up other's charts unless they are in the consultation room with us or I have express permission to do so (even with permission, this will have clear boundaries established prior). The exception may be if the chart is of a minor and said request is from an immediate caregiver.